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At WorldTeams, we care about selecting the best talents and constantly updating their expertise. The primary goal of detailing in the context of Construction Documents (CDs) is to provide comprehensive and specific information about various elements of a construction project. It also involves creating detailed drawings, notes, and specifications that offer precise instructions to contractors and builders about executing the design accurately during construction.

Detailing is a critical aspect of the Construction Documents phase, as it ensures that the design vision is translated into practical and feasible construction instructions. These details help prevent misunderstandings, errors, and inconsistencies during construction by providing a clear and consistent reference for all parties involved in the project.

Key Aspects of Detailing

in Construction Documents include:

Technical Drawings

Creating highly detailed drawings illustrating how various project components should be constructed. These drawings provide information on dimensions, materials, joint connections, tolerances, and other critical aspects.


Including written descriptions and specifications for materials, finishes, installation methods, and construction techniques. Specifications provide additional context and detail that the drawings may not fully cover.


Adding annotations, callouts, and notes on drawings to explain specific details or highlight critical information.

Material Information

Indicating the types and qualities of materials, such as specific types of concrete, steel, insulation, or finishes.

Structural Details

Detailing how structural elements like beams, columns, foundations, and connections should be constructed to meet engineering and safety requirements.

Mechanical, Electrical,
and Plumbing (MEP) Details

Providing detailed drawings and information for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, including HVAC, electrical wiring, plumbing layout, and equipment locations.

Finishes and Fixtures

Specifying the placement and installation of finishes, such as flooring, tiles, wall coverings, and fixtures like sinks and faucets.

Cabinetry and Joinery

Providing detailed information on the construction of custom cabinetry, built-in furniture, and intricate joinery.

Accessibility Considerations

Ensuring that details adhere to accessibility standards for people with disabilities, such as appropriate ramps, handrails, and door widths.


Coordinating details across various disciplines (architecture, structure, MEP) to ensure that different systems and components fit together seamlessly.

Local Codes and Regulations

Ensure details comply with local building codes, regulations, and zoning requirements.

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