Structure of Success:

Digital Marketing powered by AI

An event lead by Anton Voroniuk, CEO of SkillsBooster Academy and Digital Marketing Expert.

Our recent ‘Structure of Success’ event was a powerful exploration of the future of digital marketing, fueled by the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence. It brought together a dynamic community of professionals across various industries, all eager to unlock the secrets of success in this ever-evolving landscape.

A special shout-out to our esteemed keynote speaker, Anton Voroniuk, CEO of SkillsBooster Academy and a renowned digital marketing expert. His insights on leveraging AI to craft smarter, data-driven content and campaigns were phenomenal.

We’re excited to continue this momentum! Stay tuned for upcoming events and workshops to help you excel in your career and industry.

Structure of Success AI Marketing

Missed the live event?
No worries!

Don’t miss Anton Voroniuk’s presentation in the full video recording of our second edition of “Structure of Success” and gain actionable AI-powered marketing strategies and insights!

Here are 3 tips when using AI, let’s take a look

Craft Compelling Prompts

ChatGPT is like a culinary master – the better your ingredients (prompts), the tastier the dish (responses).
Be specific! Instead of “Write a blog post,” tell it “Write a 1000-word blog post on the future of AI in marketing, targeted towards small businesses, with a conversational and optimistic tone.”

Refine and Iterate

Don’t settle for the first response! ChatGPT can build on its previous attempts. Provide feedback (e.g., “More specific examples please”) and refine your prompts to get the exact results you desire.

Play with Identity

Give ChatGPT a persona! Tell it to “Act as a marketing guru” or “Become a data-driven content strategist” to tailor its responses for a specific marketing role, ensuring valuable and targeted advice.

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