Reasons Why Outsourcing Architectural Services is Key

Outsourcing Architectural Drafting Services

There are many reasons for outsourcing architectural services in 2023. One of them is getting cost-effective architects that still deliver high-quality services. Now, you may be thinking that this pie in the sky — total nonsense. But, we’re here to tell you that you can reduce your costs, win more projects, and increase your reputation through intelligent outsourcing.

For example, according to research by Technavio, sketching and 3D modeling are some of the most outsourced services out there, and both have a large market share. Today, no thriving business is unaware of the benefits of flexible engagement models such as outsourcing, especially when it comes to engineer work, which takes up a significant chunk of your full-time staff architects’ time.

And this type of outsourcing doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. In fact, it looks like it’s picking up in popularity across several industries as we venture further into the 2020s.

Some of the main reasons for outsourcing architectural services?

  • The availability of world-class talent at your fingertips.
  • A better use of space, with reduced overhead costs.
  • Allowing your full-time staff to focus on mission-critical projects and tasks instead of wasting time with day-to-day work like sketching.

Grand View Research confirms this view with hard data:

“The global business process outsourcing market size was valued at USD 261.9 billion in 2022 and is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4% from 2023 to 2030. BPO refers to the process of outsourcing operations and responsibilities of many business functions to external service providers.

These services find prominent demand due to their benefits such as increased flexibility, reduced costs, and enhanced service quality. Moreover, the market allows businesses to refocus on their core business activities to deliver incremental value to their customers.”

Let’s take a look at why.

Outsourcing Architectural Drafting Services

5 Reasons for Outsourcing Architectural Services

1) Searching for Cost-Efficiency

Firms are scrambling to compete in today’s marketplace. Sometimes, they have to take in more workers to scale up and fulfill their existing projects.

Outsourcing stands as the best solution to fulfill these growing demands. But, of course, many still remain suspicious of outsourcing because of poor-quality professionals who can’t deliver quality results.

But that’s basically throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Not to mention, hiring professionals from other countries lets you retain quality standards but reduces your costs to one-third of what a local architect could charge.

This type of cost-effectiveness allows you to accelerate your project timelines, remain compliant with international standards, and even start taking on more projects.

By essentially subcontracting your architectural drafting needs, you’re avoiding many more things than just unnecessarily high rates. You avoid things like:

  • Office and stationary costs.
  • Software licensing
  • Hiring more administrative and technical staff
  • Paid leave

And some of the other ways where this pays off are not immediately evident. In the end, it’s not just about what you can outsource, but also the resources that you free up. Outsourcing architectural design and drafting services also gives your full-time staff the opportunity to work on higher-end tasks, effectively saving you money and qualified labor.

And you may think that outsourcing can mean compromising quality. But not if you do it right with a firm such as WorldTeams, where quality results are virtually guaranteed.

2) Flexible Engagement Models

Flexible engagement models, in a nutshell, mean that an outsourcing firm or set of professionals will adapt themselves to your schedule. Of course, different arrangements exist, from completely bespoke, to fixed-price, or hybrid.

And, as per our Complete Guide on Outsourcing, you can do it without juggling time zones or working with people half the world away as well:

“Just think about it. The average time difference between the US and India is 11 hours and 30 minutes. That means that somebody on that Zoom call is not going to be looking fresh-faced. It’s either going to be them or you.

But what’s worse, is that it slows down communication to a crawl. Since they’re working while you’re sleeping, and vice versa, there’s very little time overlap, if any. And in truth, that’s going to mean plenty of late nights and stress for you.

The good news is that an architectural outsourcing service like WorldTeams can make all the difference here – we work in compatible time zones. So, less juggling time zones, and more getting to collaborate with each other in real-time.”

3) Skilled Architectural Drafting Experts

Outsourcing Architectural Drafting Services

Another bit of good news is that now, you’re not just limited to the best professionals available to you in your immediate area. Now, you can hire professionals from across the globe, effectively widening your existing talent pool by millions.

Now, it’s not just “hey, I’ll make do with what’s available,” but taking your pick from a group that encompasses the best the world has to offer. You can effectively perform your own draft for the ideal design and engineering teams.

Out of all the reasons for outsourcing architectural services, this is one of the most important. Generally speaking, studios, especially in the US, have to deal with professionals that charge high rates. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the best of the best. Rather, they’re the best relative to their location and to the width of the net that they’re allowed to cast.

But outsourcing architectural services allows them to think globally. And once they get over the prejudice of, say, hiring South American architects, they find that Latin America has talent that can compete with the best — or even exceed their skills.

4) Compliant With International Standards

Structural engineering is a crucial part of every engineering design. And therefore, that requires strict adherence to international design regulations such as ANSI, ASME, and DIN.

But if an architect doesn’t really know these standards, you’re toast. Outsourced architects, in fact, are much more likely to know their way around these standards. Moreover, what you want when outsourcing architectural design and drafting services is people who know the US system like the back of their hand. Luckily, we can also help you out there.

As we said in “Hire Cost-Effective Professional Architects”:

“Furthermore, they are US code architects familiarized with imperial measurements, so nothing gets lost in translation, which can cause costly delays.”

5) Reduce Licensing and Space Costs

Excellent engineering designs make an efficient use of the available real estate areas, improve accessibility, and make maintenance simpler. These across-the-board efficiency improvements can be significant. And nowadays, there’s simply no way to design effectively without utilizing highly complex CAD systems and software.

But one thing many studios don’t take into account is that licensing costs can stack up. So, even if you do have the staff on hand to create designs and sketches, licensing each and every one of their computers can take up a significant portion of your budget. Therefore, if you play your cards right, you could get the triple whammy of more cost-effective professionals, reduced overhead costs, and better results.

Grow your team and reduce costs with WorldTeams.

Summing Up

There are many reasons why outsourcing architectural services is key. But, all in all, it’s because you want to do more while keeping your costs down without sacrificing even the slightest bit of quality. Or, in fewer words, you want to save money while obtaining superior quality.

And, we understand that you may have reservations about outsourcing, and we get it; there are plenty of professionals all over the world that make promises they can’t keep. But, at WorldTeams, we can connect you with the top 3% Latin American that possess:

  • Skills accredited by a wide range of experience with US companies.
  • Degrees from major worldwide universities.
  • Near-native English skills.
  • Knowledge of US and international architecture standards.
  • A portfolio of high-quality, diverse work.

All of these, coupled with the fact that their rates tend to be one-third of what you’re used to paying, and outsourcing quickly becomes not just pocket-friendly, but smarter overall. What you want is to be able to scale your company, take on more projects, and still be able to maintain the reputation that your clients trust you for.

So, hit us up, and we’ll take care of the recruiting and match you with at least 3 professionals for every role you need to fill. We can help you create the team of your dreams and jump into action in less than two weeks. If you take into account the typical recruitment process, that’s pretty much a heartbeat.

Whether you need to fill a big or small position, our professionals are always ready to jump in and help. Either way, whether you need to fill a full-time, part-time, or flexible position, they’ll knock it out of the park.

Get ready to step into the future of outsourcing!

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