Benefits of Outsourcing Architectural Drafting Services

Outsourcing Architectural Drafting Services

Today, we’re seeing huge shifts in the global economy. There’s a sort of tug-of-war between different competing forces, and not even architecture is free from those influences. But, although architecture studios live in a brick-and-mortar world, Silicon Valley and digital technologies still have a significant effect. The benefits of outsourcing architectural drafting services are myriad in this complicated landscape.

Now, while architecture may seem like it’s not as vulnerable to changes in digital technologies and disruptors, nothing is quite as it seems. Nowadays, even industries that are deeply rooted in the real world are becoming heavily reliant on digital technologies and methodologies.

Today, even the most conservative of CEOs has to admit that things are changing. And if you don’t get with the times, you may be left behind.

But it’s not all bad from where we’re standing. New technologies and the globalized nature of today’s world just mean that you have more opportunities to scale your business. You no longer have to think locally, and your world of possibilities has expanded. Architectural drafting services outsourcing may just be a way for you to scale your company and reach new heights, for instance.

And you don’t believe us? You’re still feeling iffy about outsourcing your drafting services? Today, you can hire architects to help in all parts of the production ecosystem.

But why does hiring cost-effective professional architects matter so much beyond the immediate benefits? It’s part of the wide-ranging changes of the digital revolution.

In 2017, the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) outlined how the architecture industry can change for the better while increasing efficiency by 50 to 60 percent and adding $1.6 trillion in annual value globally.

So, if you want to make this a part of your company’s future, it’s time to read on and let us walk you through the benefits of intelligent outsourcing practices!

Benefits of Outsourcing Architectural Drafting Services In a Nutshell

Outsourcing, as a practice, is becoming more common for companies that want to benefit from cost-cutting practices while maintaining quality standards. Today, outsourcing is becoming the go-to method for high-end architecture studios that want to scale smartly.

As a general rule, outsourcing reduces costs by a large percentage. Some of the main benefits include making more efficient use of space while making use of large, untapped talent pools.

In our article, “The Cost of Hiring Architects: In-office vs Offshore”, we wrote:

“Outsourcing can help you reduce the cost of an architect by nearly two-thirds. It’s also a great way to reduce the strain of hiring new architects. If you partner with the right company such as WorldTeams, you’ll be able to solve most of the problems detailed above. And not just that, hiring for specialized positions becomes quick, easy, and painless!”

Businesses small and large make use of outsourcing for indispensable parts of architectural work. Things like:

  • Remote renders
  • CAD Conversions
  • BIM Modeling
  • Schematic Design (SDS)
  • Design Development (DDS)
  • Sketchup
  • Sketchup to Revit
  • High-quality visualization services
  • CAD support
  • Drafting services

These are some of the most common aspects of fundamental work that studios outsource to other agencies or professionals. Architectural drafting services outsourcing allows companies to focus on day-to-day operations while focusing on their primary business.

Also, today more and more studios operate under the increasing need for higher cost-effectiveness, but with technical complexities that also increase.

This would be a lose-lose proposition if it weren’t for outsourcing.

Outsourcing Architectural Drafting Services

Outsourcing as a Solution

Outsourcing benefits your company by making product lifecycles much shorter. It reduces time to market, provides access to cost-effective but highly-trained experts, and minimizes overhead (vacation time, office costs, etc.).

But something else that it achieves is keeping the quality standards that you and your clients are used to. One of the main reasons why people slight outsourcing is because of poor quality results by so-called professionals.

And this is one of the reasons why outsourcing gets a bad rap. And while it may seem like a tough issue to solve, it isn’t really. When you hire architects from South America, for example, you may be lost in the dark about whether they’ve got the goods or not.

Agencies like WorldTeams make sure that this problem is not a factor by carefully screening and pre-vetting all of our professionals. Only accredited graduates from the best universities in the world can make the cut, people who speak English at a near-native level and have experience working with the US market.

This is how you not only scale, but scale smartly: keeping up with your customers’ demands while reducing overhead.

Outsourcing Architectural Drafting Services

Architectural Services Outsourcing as a Tool for Scalability

But you’re probably not jut thinking about keeping your business as it is. If you’re truly thinking in 21st century terms, then most likely one of your main focuses is scalability. That is, increasing the size and scope of your company.

And that’s also one of the reasons why architectural drafting services is spreading like wildfire. What are the main reasons, again?

  • Savings in a variety of areas, such as office space, vacation costs
  • You only pay for the hours worked, not for idle time
  • You have much more control over the outcomes

But there are many more reasons why smart outsourcing can help you achieve your goals while keeping costs down. For once, as per our Complete Guide on Outsourcing:

“If things are slower, then you don’t have to pay for your workers if they’re not active at the moment. You can call them when you need them, and they’ll only charge you for real, valuable work.

Or what happens if you suddenly have an influx of new projects? It can take time, effort, and valuable human hours to fill in those new positions. In the best-case scenario, it can take weeks or months. With the right architecture services outsourcing agency, though, you could potentially fill all of those positions in under a week.”

The correct outsourcing, with professionals who can back it up and the right kind of flexibility, can help your company grow by leaps and bounds. It’s much more efficient and safe than hiring full-time staff architects, for one. The benefits of outsourcing architectural drafting services far outweigh the costs.

Grow your team and reduce costs with WorldTeams.

How to Make Sure the Benefits of Outsourcing Architectural Drafting Services Don’t Outweigh the Costs

Start by defining clear outsourcing goals and objectives. Make sure everyone shares your vision for working with your outsourcing partner.

Now, of course, here comes the hard part: select somebody with the right reputation to ensure that you get the right results. But don’t worry, at WorldTeams we take care of everything for you, acting as your external HR department.

We make sure all of the professionals on our roster have:

  • The right education and accreditation in top universities. No half-baked pros here, only the creme de la creme.
  • More than 3 years of experience as an architect. Each professional has to provide a detailed portfolio of their past work.
  • Experience with US-based companies — this means knowing the Imperial system like they were born using it.
  • A complete portfolio of varied, high-quality work with wide range of clients.
  • Near-native communication skills in English, at the very least.

But also, you have to maintain open communication and create a collaboration plan. That means not keeping your outsourcing partner in the dark about your in-house work culture and general strategy. They are external, yes, but during the time they work with you, they will act as a part of your company, and integration always beats exclusion.

The benefits of outsourcing architectural drafting services, if done right, can help you both make and save tidy sums of money. The rate of growth is outstanding, especially after the pandemic.

The cumulative growth rate, or CAGR of 13.6% globally is expected to rise from $5.33 billion to over $7 billion in 2023. While COVID-19 had a restrictive impact at first, it opened up the international outsourcing market, and it opened up investment opportunities for forward-looking architecture studios. Remote work, in general, boomed during the pandemic years, and so did outsourcing.

Even more so, by 2026, the market is expected to grow to $8.40 billion by 2026.

Summing Up

All in all, WorldTeams is the perfect architectural outsourcing solution for your business. Our top-shelf, highly accredited, experienced professionals can help your business grow by leaps and bounds while keeping costs down. By how much, really? We’ve helped businesses scale two-fold while reducing costs by 60% in as little as two weeks!

And our results speak for themselves, so we’re not shy about letting you know about the benefits of architectural drafting services. Just hit us up, and we’ll perform a full-scale, zero-cost consultation where you we can determine the right services for your needs.

Then, we’ll give help you pick at least three professionals that match your requirements. We think being spoiled for choice is actually a good thing!

Contact us today and you’ll get the best of both worlds: excellent, experienced professionals who know their stuff and are ready to rock your socks off, at fraction of the cost.

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